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Mr. Prabindra Kumar Singh

This website belongs to Mr. Prabindra kumar Singh, usually known by the name Pravin Singh. I as an individual belonged to IT field as a computer engineer. But soon in 2011 I entered into property business as I could do really well with the opportunities there. But soon after I faced a great demotivating loss in the business. I got disheartened but continued in the same property field to get better. And since 2012, there has not been slightest of an issue in the business that I carry now. Today, I’m very well informed in this field.  This has been possible due to my reading, researches and experience. I have over 70,000 customers who have already purchased from me including NRIs. I have also been an advisor for a large chunk of people throughout the country. I’m willing to carry this work without boundaries and so I have created this platform where you can easily clear all your doubts, because, as said“Kisi ki Beti ki shadi me aur Property ki khariddari meJaante bujhte huye dhokha nahi hona chahiye.”


Mr. Prasun Singh

Also my son Mr. Prasun Singh is the Editor and Blog Writer of this website. Currently pursuing Hotel Management and has been my all time support.

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